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Welcome to the Prism LGBTQ Website 

Welcome to Prism LGBTQ.  Please have a look around our site to find out more about us and what we do.  Bookmark our page as we'll be updating regularly with news and events.

What is Prism LGBTQ?
Prism LGBTQ is an organisation dedicated to providing a youth group, information and support to LGBTQ young people and those around them.
What does that mean?
We provide welfare and social support for young people with minority sexual orientation or gender identities.  This includes those who define as: lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer or questioning... plus other people too!  We also offer advice to their significant others, friends, families and allies.
Where are you?
We're based in the UK, in the city of Coventry and its surrounding area.  We have a strong local focus.
Why do you exist?
Some of our members have experienced negative or hostile reactions to their sexuality or gender identity.  Some are uncomfortable or scared to express themselves to their family or friends.  Our services offer a time and place to be yourself and explore what that means -- so come check us out!
Who can join the organisation?
Anyone who believes in our aims is welcome join our organisation. Whether you are a member of your youth group or not.
How much does membership cost?
The good news is that its completely free to be a member of our organisation.  All our services are free too!  (That said, any donations would be awesome).
How can I become a member?
Contact us for details.
What kind of organisation are you?
Prism LGBTQ is an unincorporated association with charitable aims.  We are entirely not-for-profit and rely upon community funding, donations and fundrasing.
How are you run?
The Prism LGBTQ Management Committee (PMC) manage the organisation and all of our services.  The PMC is a group of eight volunteers that are elected anually at the Annual general meeting.
How long have you been going?
We are a relatively new organisation and having been created in Summer 2012.  We were set up because GYGL Coventry, the LGBTQ youth project that had run in the city for almost twenty years, closed in September 2012.